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Knockdown Rebuild


Knockdown and Rebuild with New Edge Homes today!

Make a sound investment in building a quality new home!

There is plenty to love about your street, the location, and the neighbours. You have built your life around this address, and you wouldn't want to move. However, the house is datedtired, and you long for a new one.

Genoa 31 Carrington facade April 2021

A new home can often prove easier and generally cheaper per square metre to build than renovating or adding an addition to your existing home.

Whether your block is large, irregularly shaped, or sloped, our range of designs can accommodate your space and features.

Choosing to Knockdown and Rebuild can turn your dream of owning a new home into a reality.

During your journey to building your dream home, our experts will assist and guide you in building the perfect home to fit you and your family.

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